Considering a Nursing Home in Lancaster, Harrisburg or York, PA?

Nursing Homes in Lancaster, York & Harrisburg, PA

Are you caring for a loved one in the Lancaster, Harrisburg or York, PA area and wondering if moving them to a nursing home is the next step?

You may be surprised to learn that nursing homes, also known as skilled care facilities, are not your only option to ensure your loved one receives the care they need. There are many types of care facilities in the Lancaster, Harrisburg and York area that provide some of the same services that nursing homes provide, for a fraction of the cost.

Your choice of facility will greatly depend on a number of factors including:

  • The type of care your loved one needs

    If your loved one needs skilled nursing care by a doctor and registered nursing staff, nursing homes are often the only choice available. Nursing homes have a licensed physician on staff and provide round the clock nursing care.

  • If your loved one simply needs help with the tasks of daily living like dressing, bathing or other personal tasks, you might consider a retirement, personal care or assisted living facility instead. Personal care facilities, like Brereton Manor, employ licensed nursing assistants, along with additional staff to assist residents with tasks they may no longer be able to do for themselves including bathing, dressing, incontinence care and more. Personal care facilities can often administer prescribed medication as well.

  • Your loved ones financial situation

    If your loved one needs full-time care, you'll want to consider their financial situation before choosing a facility. The cost of round the clock nursing care at most nursing homes can be very expensive. If your loved one doesn't require round the clock care, a personal care or assisted living facility might be a better choice.

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  • Your loved one's comfort level

    Nursing home facilities are typically hospital-like settings that care for large numbers of patients. On the other hand, personal care facilities are often setup with a more home-like environment with fewer residents. If your loved one would prefer a home, rather than a hospital-setting, visit retirement homes or personal care facilities like Brereton Manor to see if they offer the services your loved one needs. Such facilities can help your loved one feel at ease and give them the opportunity to socialize with other residents while maintaining much of their independence.

No matter what type of facility you choose, it's nice to know you have choices beyond those offered at typical nursing homes. You should discuss your loved one's situation with your family and their personal physician to further narrow your choices and find the best care possible.

Brereton Manor is a 35 bed personal care facility located in Washingtonboro, PA and is convenient to Lancaster, Harrisburg and York, PA. Our comfortable retirement home offers a home-like setting that fosters independence, provides social activities and employs licensed nursing assistants to handle daily care and medication administration. If you think our retirement home sounds like the perfect place for your loved one, we'd be happy to offer a tour and answer any questions you have!