Pennsylvania Retirement Home and Personal Care

The choices for senior care in Lancaster County seem endless – there are a wide variety of communities located throughout our area and the services they offer range from adult daycare and respite care to skilled nursing and hospice services. There are several residential choices available for seniors needing housing with options for care: “Assisted Living,” “Personal Care,” and “Nursing Home.” The links above may help you determine which type of facility best meets the needs of your loved one. We encourage you to spend time at several residences; observe the interactions between staff and residents, share a meal, speak to community members and caregivers. Most importantly, ask yourself, “Does this community offer person centered care? Is the facility, the program, designed to meet the needs of the people who live there or is the focus on meeting the needs of the facility owner/administration?” At Brereton Manor, we understand that our residents have the right to determine how their needs are met and to have their loved ones and family members involved in that determination.