Considering a nursing home?

Are you looking for a Nursing Home in Lancaster, Harrisburg or York, PA?

Are you caring for a loved one in the Lancaster, Harrisburg or York, PA area?
Do you wonder if moving them to a nursing home is the next step?

You may be surprised to learn that nursing homes, also known as “skilled care facilities,” are not your only option when you are looking for quality care for a beloved family member.
There are many types of care facilities in Central Pennsylvania that provide many of the same services provided by nursing homes at a fraction of the cost. If your loved one needs any of the following services, they will be best served in a nursing or skilled care environment:

  • Ongoing care for an open wound
  • Assisted feeding
  • Injected medication
  • Intensive physical rehabilitation

Your choice of facility should be informed by the following factors:

Level of care required

If your loved one requires skilled nursing care by a doctor and registered nursing staff, nursing homes are often the only realistic choice. Those seniors who simply need help with the tasks of daily living like dressing, bathing or preparing meals, might be well-served in a retirement, personal care or assisted living facility instead. Personal care facilities, like Brereton Manor, employ licensed nurses and additional trained aides to assist residents with tasks they may no longer be able to do for themselves, i.e., medication management, incontinence care and laundry.

Affordability of the residence

If your loved one needs full-time care, you will want to consider their financial situation before choosing a facility. The cost of round-the-clock care at most skilled nursing homes can be prohibitively expensive. If your loved one does not require full time care, an assisted living facility or a personal care home like Brereton Manor might be a better choice.

Personal preference

Nursing homes are typically in hospital-like settings and care for a large number of patients. Personal care homes generally offer a more home-like setting, a less sterile environment and fewer residents. If your loved one would prefer a home-like rather than hospital setting, visit retirement homes or personal care facilities like Brereton Manor to see if their offered services match the needs of your loved one. Chances are, a more home-like setting will do more to put your loved one at ease while offering continued independence and the opportunity to socialize with their peers.

Now that you are aware of the residential choices beyond those offered at a typical nursing home, discussing your loved one’s situation with additional family members and their personal physician will help you narrow your choices and find the best care available.