Outliving Your Money

The cost of personal care is high and it is getting higher. As the “baby boom” generation ages, more people can no longer live alone safely. Researching, visiting and making application for housing at a residence that is appropriate to the needs of your loved one can be confusing, time-consuming and, to be honest, intimidating. Brereton Manor’s administrative staff understands your family’s needs and concerns intimately. We are available to discuss your personal financial situation and to help you make the decisions that guarantee the best quality of life for your loved one.

It is our desire to provide your family member the very best care possible, up until the time of their death. To that end, we will do a detailed financial resource analysis to help you determine how best to obtain the money needed for personal care services. Our goal is to help minimize the risk of our residents outliving their money. To date, Brereton Manor has not asked a resident to leave for inability to pay.