Personal Care Services For Lancaster, York & Harrisburg, PA

Our personal care facility is in beautiful Washington Boro, just a short drive from the nearby towns of Lancaster, Harrisburg and York, PA. Brereton Manor has only twenty-five bedrooms of varying size, each with a private bath. This allows us to accept married couples as residents as well as offer a range of prices based on room size. We are proud to have one of the very best staff to resident ratios in the state – currently, we employee thirty staff members to serve twenty-five seniors – and we are dedicated to ensuring that each of our residents receives the individualized attention that will provide optimum health.


Personal care homes were developed to provide housing and personal care services to individuals, usually seniors, who need assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs). PCH residents vary in their ability to care for themselves without help and some may even work or volunteer away from the facility. Residents of a personal care home may come and go as they please with the certainty that, when they are home, their needs – including meals, laundry and medication administration – will be attended to in an appropriate, professional manner.

There are many reasons seniors move to a residential facility: some no longer feel safe being alone at home, others need daily assistance with personal care and grooming; some simply crave the activity and friendship that is available in a group setting. Living with others and engaging in regular conversation can quickly relieve the depression that is common to those who spend too much time alone and lonely. Frequent outings in the community, daily games and activities and weekly entertainment by professionals add to our residents’ quality of life and give them something to look forward to!

At Brereton Manor, we are committed to providing care for the mind, body and soul. We are proud to offer the following services, and more!

  • Geriatric recreation specialist
  • Yoga and balance teachers
  • Senior fitness trainer
  • Minister
  • Beautician
  • On-site Physicians
  • Podiatrist
  • Dentist
  • Social worker
  • Physical and Occupational therapists
  • Outings in the community
  • Volunteers of all ages

Our goal is to tailor our program to meet each of our resident’s physical needs while, at the same time, addressing their emotional and spiritual health. Our staff takes pains to see that we do not fail to address the personal issues that often influence our residents’ physical health.

Want to find out more about Personal Care for Seniors or loved ones?

Contact Brereton Manor today to schedule a tour or to speak to an administrator about our facility and how it can meet the needs of your loved one. We are conveniently located on six acres of farmland in beautiful Washington Boro, PA – three miles from Millersville and just a short drive from Lancaster, York or Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.